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LSD Molecule Chemical Structure

LSD Molecule Chemical Structure 

Giordano Novak

Giordano Novak

Medically reviewed by Giordano Novak, University of São Paulo on April 3rd 2022

Key Takeaways:

  • LSD molecules are composed of two parts: an indole ring attached to an ethylamine side chain.
  • LSD exists naturally in small amounts in ergot fungus, which grows on rye grains.
  • LSD can also be produced synthetically from lysergic acid or derived from certain species of morning glory plants.
  • The chemical structure of LSD gives it the ability to act on serotonin receptors in the brain, creating feelings of euphoria and altered consciousness.


LSD is great when you want to get high and experience the world from an entirely new perspective. However, there is more to acid than getting high. 

When you’re taking drugs, it’s good to know what they’re made of – including the chemical structure.

Lysergide, known as LSD, is a member of the indole alkylamines family. Within this family are loads of substituted tryptamines, including psilocin which is found in shrooms (of the magic variety). 

It has a complex chemical structure – part of what makes it interesting.

As we look at the LSD chemical structure in this guide, I’ll be answering questions like “what is LSD made from?” and “What’s in LSD?. It’s not going to be quite as wild as an acid high, but it’s sure to be an interesting read.


What Is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)?

D-Lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD for short, is an ALKALOID that can be found in ergot (a fungus). As a result, they are also referred to as ergot alkaloids. Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann first synthesised LSD in 1938.

LSD has a powerful effect on the human psyche and, as such, is used recreationally as a drug to achieve hallucinations, ENHANCED sensory perception, and altered states of consciousness by changing your brain chemistry. It’s these effects that LSD has become most famous for [4].


Pro Tip: Acid doesn’t cause physical dependence, which means it is not classed as an addictive drug. However, you can build a tolerance that can lead to drug abuse and psychological dependence.


What is an Acid Molecule?

Acid is made of a molecule called LSD-25 or LSD. LSD-25 molecules have a particular shape and size, which makes them DIFFERENT from other substances [2].

LSD consists of two parts: the main part is lysergic acid (a compound found in ergot), and the tail end is diethylamide. Diethylamide is a SYNTHETIC compound created in the lab.


Pro Tip: Taking LSD is usually in liquid form, and it should never be mixed with other drugs (including hallucinogenic drugs like shrooms).


What is LSD Made Of?

LSD is made up of a variety of chemicals, but the MAIN component is LSD-25. LSD-25 molecules are composed of an indole ring, which consists of SIX carbon atoms arranged in a triangular shape.

The two nitrogen atoms are attached to this ring, and it’s these two nitrogen atoms that make LSD so POWERFUL in its effects on the human mind. 

The LSD structure is completed by the ethylamine side chain, which can be either diethylamine or dimethylamine [1].


Pro Tip: LSD’s complex molecular structure gives it the ability to act on serotonin receptors in the brain and cause feelings of euphoria and altered consciousness.


The LSD full form is lysergic acid diethylamide, which is DERIVED from ergot fungus or produced synthetically using lysergic acid as a starting point. LSD crystals can also be found in certain VARIETIES of morning glory plants.

An LSD crystal is made up of LSD molecules that are tightly BOUND together. LSD crystals are very small and can easily be crushed into a fine powder. 

LSD powder is usually mixed with other substances to help ensure doses are ACCURATE.


Pro Tip: The good news about your LSD trip is that it’s virtually impossible to fall victim to an LSD overdose (especially with common street dose forms) because it is not toxic.

What Does Science Say About LSD Acid?

Scientific research on LSD is still relatively limited due to the stigma and legal restrictions associated with the drug. It is a controlled substance that is STRICTLY under the Drug Enforcement Administration.

However, some studies have shown that LSD can produce positive effects when used in a therapeutic setting. LSD has also been linked to IMPROVED creativity and mental clarity, though MORE research is needed to confirm this [3].

Other studies have shown that there is a RISK of developing things like HPPD and drug-induced psychosis [5]. 

It can also INCREASE blood pressure and body temperature. This is why those with mental health conditions like schizophrenia should NOT take LSD.


Pro Tip: There is potential for LSD use to help conditions like anxiety and treatment-resistant depression, but a lot more research needs to be carried out.


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However, it’s IMPORTANT that you do your research first to ensure that you’re getting your supply from a reputable seller and NOT a backyard dealer that could be lacing their supply.

Tampering is a popular way to CUT costs and maximize profits, but it can potentially harm your health when you’re unknowingly ingesting tainted goods. 

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To Conclude

LSD is a powerful psychedelic drug with a COMPLEX chemical structure. LSD molecules consist of an indole ring and TWO nitrogen atoms, which gives LSD its psychoactive properties.

Acid has been studied for its potential therapeutic effects, although research is still LIMITED in this area due to the legal restrictions associated with LSD. 

Remember that while the psychedelic effects can be fun, LSD interacts with a NUMBER of medications, drugs, and alcohol.

If you’re looking to buy LSD online, it’s important to do your research and ensure that you’re buying from a TRUSTED vendor, as it is an illegal drug. With the right LSD, you can have a safe and ENJOYABLE psychedelic experience.


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