Guide to Macrodosing LSD

With LSD, a little prep can take you a long way

LSD is powerful. It can permanently alter your perspective, unlock deep inner knowledge, and forever change the course of your life. 

But a full dose of LSD is a serious undertaking. It’s a commitment that demands preparation. As with anything this potent, you should approach LSD with planning and respect, equal parts caution and curiosity.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to macrodosing LSD. Take these steps to minimize risks and maximize the enjoyment the next time you drop acid. 

Micro or Macro?

For many people, the first question of macrodosing LSD is, should I do a full dose, or should I just do a little? In other words, should you macrodose or microdose? The answer varies by person and depends on what you’re looking for. 

Microdosing LSD has blown up in recent years, and for good reason. It’s hard to argue with the results, both anecdotal and clinical. For some, choosing one or the other, micro versus macro, is sufficient. But many people prefer a mix of both, at different times and for different purposes.

Where microdosing produces subtle, persistent effects over time, Macrodosing provides short-term immersion, a head-first dive into the deep end with the goal to surface with new insight and understanding of yourself and your life. Microdosing can boost your energy, creativity, and empathy, among other things, but it probably won’t trigger the transformative revelations of a full dose. 

Each approach brings unique benefits and neither is superior––they’re different tools for different jobs. Whether you choose one, the other, or a mix of both depends on your goals.

If you’re interested in microdosing, we have a guide for that, too.

But for today, here’s the Prisms LSD guide on how to macrodose.  

Planning and Preparation

Ask yourself why.

Before anything else, you should consider if, and why, you want to drop LSD. 

LSD is for a lot of people, but not for everyone. People taking antidepressants like SSRIs or antipsychotic medications should consult their doctor before trying it.

Otherwise, reflect on what you’re seeking. Are you trying to work through a difficult question or dilemma in your life? Seeking deeper inner knowledge about yourself? Looking to connect more with the world around you? Just after a fun social experience?

People use LSD for these purposes and many more. Defining your reason first will clarify important factors like how much you’ll take, where, and with whom.

Figuring out your dosage

With LSD, we’re dealing in extremely small doses measured in micrograms, or millionths of a gram. Generally, anything between 100μg to 200μg is considered a full dose. Where you’ll fall along that range depends on your body composition, experience level, LSD tolerance, and what kind of trip you’re seeking. 

If it’s your first time, it’s recommended to start low and slow with a dose of 100μg.  

Once you’ve done a trip or two at that level, if you’d like you can begin to raise that dosage. But for beginners, it’s better to start with too little than too much. If you find your dose is too low to achieve the results you want, you can take more after waiting 2 hours to ensure the full effects have been felt.

How to take your LSD

Acid most commonly comes in tabs of blotter paper that’s soaked in an LSD solution, liquid LSD or LSD edibles.

Taking blotter tabs

For blotter tabs, you ingest the acid by placing a paper tab under your tongue. Most experts suggest you keep the tab on or under your tongue for 15 minutes to ensure total absorption before removing it. That said, you can also just swallow the paper, you’ll still get high, it just might take a few minutes longer to feel it. 

Taking liquid LSD

Liquid acid provides a dose of 100μg per drop.  Use the dropper to drop your dose onto a spoon, sugar cube, top of your hand etc and then consume from there.  Do not drop directly into your mouth in case of accidentally dropping more than one drop.  

Taking LSD edibles

Our LSD edible products can be dissolved on the tongue or chewed and swallowed.   Each mint provides a 100μg dose.

Acid generally takes around 45 minutes to an hour to kick in, although some people may feel the effects as quickly as ten minutes after ingestion.  It can also be delayed so we suggest waiting 2 hours before consuming more.

When to take your LSD 

LSD trips generally last around 8 hours, but they can stretch to 12 hours, so taking your dose early in the day means you’ll enjoy the full duration of your trip and make minimal impact on your sleep. 

In general, but especially if it’s your first time, clear your schedule for the day. It’s impossible to know how long your trip will last, so it’s important to give yourself plenty of free time with no obligations.

Set and Setting

Set and setting are vital considerations every time you drop LSD. Set refers to “mindset,” your emotional and mental state leading into your trip. Setting describes the circumstances of your trip, where you are and who you’re with. 

You can also think of them like this: set contains the internal considerations for your trip, and setting denotes the external factors. 


Not every acid trip needs an objective. But if you do have a specific goal, keep it centered in your mind leading up to and during the early stages of your trip. This will help your subconscious pick away at the knotty problem until the LSD kicks in and takes over. 

If you don’t have a specific mission in mind, that’s fine, too. Just ensure you enter your trip with a solid emotional foundation. If you’re anxious, angry, or depressed, or simply having a bad day, consider postponing your LSD trip. LSD tends to magnify the emotions you’re already feeling, so entering the experience with a negative mindset often leads directly to a difficult trip. 

LSD also often suppresses appetite, so be sure to eat before you dose, otherwise you may forget. Likewise, stay hydrated and keep water at hand. 


Where you trip is a critical decision. Indoors and outdoors both work and bring different elements to your journey. Some acid trips last up to twelve hours, so starting outdoors and moving inside, or vice versa, is always an option. 

The main consideration is to avoid crowded, cluttered, and chaotic places.

If you’re outdoors, pick somewhere familiar, calming, and safe, ideally in or near nature. Bring creature comforts: a blanket, snacks, music. Make sure someone knows where you are and when to expect you back. It’s a good idea not to go too remote, should you need help. 

If indoors, select a clean, comfortable, and uncluttered space. Private spaces like your home or the home of a loved one or friend are best. 

Music can deeply amplify and complement the LSD experience. Select something soothing. Music without lyrics, like classical or ambient, is best. These sounds should support your trip but not supplant it, so play it at low volume. 

Lighting shapes the tone and feel of a space. Choose soft lights in a warm or coloured tone. Light from lower down, like that from lamps, or indirect light, bounced from walls or ceilings, is softer and more relaxing than harsh overhead bulbs. 

Who to trip with

Many people recruit a sitter to accompany them on their trips. A sitter is an experienced LSD user who can guide your trip and keep your journey on track. They must be a familiar user of LSD, but they should remain sober during your trip. Sitters can be invaluable, particularly for first-time users. 

Sites like Trip Sitters provide a directory to find experienced sitters near you. For Canadians, the Psychedelic Association of Canada is a good place to start. 

Otherwise, people most often use and enjoy LSD in a pair or small group of loved ones or friends. Tripping as a crew can facilitate powerful bonding experiences and amplify your trips. It’s important to trip with people you know well and feel comfortable with. LSD is not known for enhancing social skills, and taking LSD with strangers can trigger anxiety and the first step towards a tough trip. 

Don’t mix

In general, but especially if it’s your first time, avoid combining LSD with other substances like alcohol or marijuana. Enjoy the pure LSD experience without adding in other substances that could mix poorly or trigger a difficult trip.

Surrender and enjoy

LSD can’t be controlled, and that’s why it’s so powerful. No matter how much you prepare ahead of time, it’s impossible to predict the course a trip will take. LSD is about releasing control. It’s that surrendering that allows the acid to do its work and open up the unexplored pockets of your consciousness. 

But preparation, knowing you have everything in order and at hand, makes it easy to surrender. With all those questions answered, every consideration tucked away, you can let go and let the LSD do its work.

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