How to microdose LSD

Make a little bit go a long way

Dropping LSD can be a profound, illuminating, and restorative experience. It’s also not always the best idea on a Tuesday afternoon. 

For those interested in some of the benefits of LSD without going NSFW, there’s microdosing: ingesting a sub-perceptual dose (an amount you shouldn’t consciously notice) of a psychedelic like LSD. The upshot is to enjoy select cognitive and emotional benefits but skip the more psychedelic or intoxicating effects. 

Here’s why you might consider microdosing and how to do it.

Why Microdose?

Many microdosers report increased creativity, focus, and energy, along with greater empathy and ability to navigate and nurture relationships. Some even report reduced anxiety and depression.
While research is so far scarce and preliminary, studies do back up many of the benefits reported anecdotally: “Findings show that both LSD (5–20 mcg) and psilocybin (<1–3 mg) have subtle (positive) effects on cognitive processes (time perception, convergent and divergent thinking) and brain regions involved in affective processes,” concludes
this study from August 2020.  

The literature around psychedelics as treatment for depression and anxiety is so far cautious, but promising enough to motivate further investigation. The report continues: “…while it is yet unclear whether psychedelic microdosing is of therapeutic value for depression, the aforementioned effects on selective processes suggest that low doses of psychedelics could play a role in depression by inducing some kind of cognitive flexibility, which might lead to decreased rumination.”

These tests show that microdosing LSD doesn’t merely produce a placebo effect, but makes a tangible impact on subjects’ brains: “These preliminary findings show that a very low dose of LSD, which produces negligible subjective changes,” that is, consciously noticeable effects, “alters brain connectivity in limbic circuits.

The findings of another study, this time a 2018 survey of 1000 people from 59 countries, suggested “…that spaced but repeated microdoses were followed by improvements in negative moods, especially depression, and increases in positive moods. Increased energy, improved work effectiveness, and improved health habits were observed in clinical and non-clinical populations.”

So it’s clear that microdosing LSD is doing something, and that something is often beneficial. 

How to Microdose LSD

So, you like what you’ve heard so far? Here’s how to start microdosing.

How much is a microdose?

Typically, a microdose of LSD falls somewhere between 5 and 10 micrograms (a microgram is one millionth, or 0.000001, of a gram). 

This is about 1/20th to 1/10th of a full LSD dose.

How to prepare a microdose

Fortunately we provide a simple way to microdose with our 5ug micro tabs or our 10ug micro tabs.

 How often should I microdose?

Your microdose frequency will depend on you and the results you’re seeking, but there are some general guidelines. 

One popular approach is the Fadiman System, developed by noted psychedelic writer and researcher James Fadiman. He suggests microdosing one day on and two days off—in other words, taking your microdose every third day.






So if you start on Sunday, you’ll dose again on Wednesday,  then Saturday.

It’s recommended that beginners start there, monitor the effects for at least a few weeks and up to several months, and then adjust from there if they’d like. 

To get the most benefits throughout the day and avoid messing with your sleep schedule, take your microdose first thing in the morning. 
We recommend taking your first microdose on a day with no social or work commitments, particularly people new to LSD. This ensures minimal impact should you react negatively to your dose (which is unlikely). 
While microdosing every day may be tempting, in this regard more is not necessarily better. Most microdosers report persistent benefits from their program, including between the days they dose. Plus, taking LSD daily can build up your body’s tolerance to the substance and dampen its future effects. 

Otherwise, enjoy your microdose and live your life as you normally would (albeit slightly enhanced). 

Sounds good? Give it a try. 

The anecdotal evidence of microdosing’s benefits is being increasingly backed up by clinical research. The more we investigate, the more we discover that just a little bit of LSD can go a long way, bringing tangible benefits to your everyday life. 

So if you’ve liked anything you’ve just read, maybe microdosing is for you.  Experience the Prisms LSD difference today.