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LSD And Alcohol

LSD And Alcohol

Giordano Novak

Giordano Novak

Medically reviewed by Giordano Novak, University of São Paulo on April 3rd 2022

Key Takeaways:


LSD provides one heck of a ride, and you can have great experiences with it. However, a bad trip isn’t the only risk that comes with taking LSD. There are some substances that don’t mix, and acid and alcohol are just one example of that.

An alcohol and acid combination isn’t necessarily life-threatening if you’re not doing it in large doses. Instead, it can lead to a really unpredictable LSD trip that could leave you very sick and vomiting all night.

In this guide, we’re going to take you through more about what LSD is and how it interacts with alcohol to create potentially negative effects. We want you to stay safe, so make sure you read this before you make any decisions.


What is LSD?

LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide, and it is a powerful, synthetic hallucinogen. LSD is produced in a lab and has been used as an entheogen (“God-revelation”) since the 1950s.

It works by binding to serotonin receptors in our brains to create ALTERED states of consciousness AND visual, auditory, and sensory distortions [2]. 

LSD is most commonly taken orally in a liquid form or on blotter paper with absorbable doses ranging from 50-200 micrograms.


Pro Tip: LSD is not addictive and doesn’t lead to physical dependence. However, the tolerance you build can lead to a higher risk of drug abuse. There is also the potential for psychological addiction.


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What Does LSD Feel Like?

The LSD experience can vary depending on the user. However, generally, LSD causes hallucinations, changes in thought and behaviour, and INCREASED sensory awareness.

These effects can be both positive or negative, but most often, LSD users report feeling an overwhelming sense of closeness to nature and humanity and heightened creativity.

On the flip side, LSD can also CAUSE intense anxiety, paranoia, and fear. This is known as a bad trip and can be overwhelming and terrifying.


Is it Safe to Take Alcohol and LSD Together?

No, it is not safe to take LSD and alcohol together. LSD is known to have an unpredictable reaction when mixed with other substances, especially alcohol.

Alcohol isn’t very dangerous on its own, but adding LSD into the mix can increase the risk of a bad trip or worse. 

LSD increases your sensitivity to sensory input, which can be INTENSIFIED by alcohol. This can lead to increased paranoia, fear and anxiety, nausea, and vomiting.

Additionally, mixing alcohol with LSD can interfere with your body’s ability to break down alcohol which can increase your RISK of alcohol poisoning and overdose [1].


Pro Tip: While LSD is not addictive, alcohol can be. If you’re afraid you are abusing alcohol or you know you are struggling with alcohol abuse, help is available through your doctor.


What to Do if You Have a Bad Acid Trip Because of Alcohol?

If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve taken LSD and alcohol and are having a bad trip, it’s best to focus on CALMING yourself down. 

Try deep breathing exercises, listen to music, take a warm bath or shower, or talk to someone close about what you’re feeling.

You should stop drinking alcohol IMMEDIATELY if you start to experience a bad trip. Do not try to self-medicate with other drugs because this will only make it worse.

Restrict your alcohol intake and avoid LSD and alcohol combinations in the future. It is also important to seek MEDICAL help if you feel like mixing LSD and alcohol has caused physical symptoms.

*Drink lots of water too!


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To Conclude

Both alcohol and LSD are a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean that you can mix LSD and drink alcohol.

LSD and alcohol together are a very dangerous combination. Not only can LSD increase the risk of a bad trip or worse, but it also interferes with your body’s ability to break down alcohol which INCREASES your risk of alcohol poisoning.

If you do decide to take LSD, we recommend that you stick to taking LSD alone and make sure you buy your LSD from a reputable seller to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with. Stay safe, and be responsible if you decide to take acid.



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