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LSD Therapy Canada

LSD Therapy Canada

Giordano Novak

Giordano Novak

Medically reviewed by Giordano Novak, University of São Paulo on April 3rd 2022

Key Takeaways:

  • LSD can be used to facilitate psychotherapy in a safe and controlled environment
  • LSD has potential therapeutic benefits for many mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and more
  • Each individual’s experience with LSD is unique and highly personal
  • Therapists specializing in the use of psychedelics need specialized training and expertise


While your first thoughts of LSD might be kicking back and letting the experience guide you through something exceptional, there’s potential for more. 

LSD treatments might seem like a wild notion, but they are becoming prevalent in psychiatry.

In LSD therapy, the drug is taken as part of the psychotherapy process. After it is taken, it is combined with talk therapy to allow the patient to open up about their experiences and attempt to engage with their root problems.

In this article, we will take you through a little more about what LSD is but also how the acid therapy process works so that you can see if it might be the right choice for you. Sometimes we all need a little help opening up.


What is LSD?

LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide, and it is a semisynthetic drug that is often used recreationally. 

LSD is often referred to as ‘acid,’ and it creates dreamlike hallucinations, heightens creativity, reduces anxiety, and can create feelings of euphoria [3].

Acid is not addictive and does not create physical dependence on the drug. Additionally, there is minimal risk of a fatal overdose, making it a fairly SAFE drug. 

However, it is possible to build a tolerance to LSD, which leaves it open to potential drug abuse.

LSD therapy has been used for centuries in some form, but because of its STRONG psychedelic effects, it was mostly kept away from the mainstream until recently.

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What is Acid Used For?

LSD is most commonly used recreationally, but it can also be used in some forms of therapy.

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy can help to REDUCE anxiety and depression, as well as open up the user to deeper conversations with their therapist.


Pro Tip: When used recreationally, LSD can produce visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations. While these effects can be fun, they can also create a psychedelic ‘trip’ that can sometimes last up to 8 hours.


However, there is interest in using LSD to help with mental health conditions like depression and PTSD [2]. 

In many cases, LSD therapy has been shown to be a safe way for people to open up and explore their feelings more comfortably than traditional therapies.


What is LSD Therapy?

LSD therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which the patient takes LSD as part of the process. The drug is taken, and then it is COMBINED with talk therapy to help open up the patient to discuss their experiences [1].

It works by reducing anxiety and depression levels, making it EASIER for patients to communicate about issues that may have been difficult for them to discuss before.

Psychedelic therapy has only recently become mainstream, and there is still a LACK of research surrounding its efficacy. 

However, initial studies suggest that it can be incredibly beneficial to those who are STRUGGLING with mental health issues.


Pro Tip: Other psychedelic drugs (psilocybin is one), such as MDMD and ecstasy, have also been used to treat mental health disorders through psychedelic therapy.


Benefits of LSD Therapy in Canada

The main benefit of LSD therapy in Canada is that it can help people open up and discuss their issues more meaningfully. It can also REDUCE anxiety, depression, and stress levels which have all been linked to mental health problems.

The drug CAN help people become more open to discussing their problems and work through them in a way that they may not be able to do without the aid of LSD.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is still in its early stages and is not yet approved by the FDA. 

Still, it is growing in popularity in Canada as MORE mental health professionals that are part of Health Canada see its potential for helping people with their issues.


Pro Tip: LSD therapy should only be undertaken with the guidance of a professional, as the effects of psychedelic substances can be unpredictable and even dangerous.


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To Conclude

LSD therapy is growing in popularity as a potential mental health treatment in Canada, and it can be a great way for people to OPEN UP about their issues. However, it should only ever be used under the guidance of a professional.

Mental health care is important, and psychedelic healing could be just what you need. Through Health Canada’s criteria, you could QUALIFY for help with treatment-resistant depression or other mental health conditions.

You should also ensure you buy pure LSD that is free from any risks or impurities so that you can use it safely and responsibly. If you’re considering LSD therapy in the future, we hope this has been able to help you make a decision.



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